Saturday, October 9, 2010

Out and About on another Beautiful Saturday Morning

When we first moved to the Clinton Hill/Fort Greene area of Brooklyn in 2003, it was very quiet (except for the emergency vehicles and poorly muffled motorcycles).  Even on weekends, I could walk for blocks and only see 3 or 4 people.  Then the Farmers' Market and Brooklyn Flea arrived, and the throngs, and fun, followed.

Great trio at the farmers' market.

Someone wanted to get a move on...

This handsome fella turned and gave me this perfect pose.

About 4 feet tall.

Love these tin (?) animals.  They had some new ones this week.
These are about a foot long. 
This picture reminded me of a few of my favorite 
bloggers that have households with cats and dogs.
Popular re-created and treated tin ceiling panels.   
I thought these were hand-drawn, but they are photos
on slate.   Would make a beautiful series on a small wall.
Old typewriters have become "hip".   I'm proud to admit I started
on a manual - the one my mother used to type up all my father's graduate
school papers.  I tried one of these, and I can't believe how far and hard
the keys have to be pressed.  

However, these are well before my time.
Pendants, rings and cuff links made out of old 
typewriter keys.  
Artie - I still have that set to send you!

I ended with a treat - a chocolate egg cream.  They said the pretzel stick 
makes it authentic.  Reminds me of the new trend to put gourmet salts
on chocolate.


Two French Bulldogs said...

wow, mom really wants to visit that place when she gets back to NJ. Very cool stuff.
Benny & Lily

Kate on Clinton said...

You guys can come too - they just starting allowing dogs in the Flea this year.

rachel said...

How interesting, and just on your doorstep too! I learned on a manual like those, but never did master the brute strength to press the 'a' and the semi-colon with my little finger!