Friday, October 8, 2010

Early Friday Morning

Work up earlier than usual (6am) - so many exciting opportunities on the horizon. Then I looked out the windows and realized these are horizons I rarely photograph at this hour. With the light behind me, I get much better detail on some of the amazing features in our view.

Such soft pastel shades in the sky before sunrise.

Highly zoomed view north to Empire State Building with the Williamsburg
Bridge in front.

Highly zoomed, cropped and enlarged view of Lady Liberty.  She looks land-locked here.
Manhattan Bridge.

We don't get morning sun in the apartment, but the BAM building was reflecting the sunrise into the living room.

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Susan said...

Beautiful. As an early riser I love taking photographs in this light. This or the end of day, sun low in the sky light. I'm jealous of your NYC adventures. xo S & les Gang

Two French Bulldogs said...

So beautiful
Benny & Lily

Kate on Clinton said...

Oh Susan, I am envious of your quiet village life (as 2 emergency vehicles and a few unmuffled motorcycles go roaring down our street)!

Unknown said...

Wow! Did you get a long lens? These are beautiful!

Kate on Clinton said...

Thanks Art, and yes, I have a zoom lens. It is great for shots like the Statue of Liberty and Empire State building. The morning light behind me was key too.