Monday, October 4, 2010


I tend to give our northwest view short shrift in photos.
About 7-8 years ago, NYC wasn't lighting the bridges to cut costs, but fortunately Mayor Bloomberg saw the value in bringing these beautiful structures to light. The one to the left of center is the Manhattan Bridge, and the one "under" the Empire State Building (a trick of perspective) is the Williamsburg Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge is in there, but only a few lights from one of the towers.
We will see the new Freedom Tower as it rises. Many of the buildings on the left are new residence towers in the burgeoning downtown Brooklyn area.  Others are part of Manhattan's financial district.  
Those smoke stacks in the center are actually blocks apart and are topped by hypnotic blinking red lights.
Everything is closer than it looks in this photo - the ultra wide angle and cropping push it all back.

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Susan said...

I left a comment earlier ... I thought. eek ! errggghhh. I'll try again. These are gorgeous photos and we too love this time of day. Have you fallen madly in love with D. Estoboro yet, the beeg, blag cat in your neighbourhood ??? - oh my goodness I yam in lub, we yar in lub. xo S & les Gang

Kate on Clinton said...

Susan - Thank you and oh yes, we love D. Estoboro! However, Lola and Mr. Beans are quite put out that HE gets to go outdoors, and they can't (except in a carrier to the dreaded, but very kind, vet). They were born and lived outdoors until the ASPCA scooped them up. And they will not wear a leash/harness, much less a shirt (they think that is a little silly, but it looks good on D.E.).