Saturday, November 27, 2010

What a difference a Flea makes

The Brooklyn Flea left the school yard a block away and moved indoors into the Williamsburgh Bank Building (the big "middle finger" salute in my header photo) until next Spring.  Add a chilly wind and a holiday weekend, and we get some very quiet streets now.  Peaceful, but I miss the hubbub, bub.

No more cafe tables filled with brunchers.  
The plane has been grounded. 

I asked this little lady's person if I could take her picture, and she happily obliged.  Tyra Banks would have been impressed at how she turned, looked at the camera and moved every so slightly for every shot - I just the SLR fly.

The Farmers' Market - I've never been able to see so far from one end to the other.   

Tomorrow - a visit down the hall to tend to our feline neighbors while their people are away.


Two French Bulldogs said...

sounds like a fun day. But why humans go to the market to get fleas we'll never know. What a cute puggy
Benny & Lily

Carola Bartz said...

It looks pretty chilly in your corner of the world. This morning I went to the farmers' market as well and there weren't many people either. Everybody is probably knocked out from Black Friday shopping...

diane said...

Kate...loving the Pumpkin and Chloe wards. They look alot like your little ones. I am off to LA today. The travel just knocks me out.