Sunday, November 28, 2010

Meet the Neighbors

You would think that sharing walls, halls and elevators, we would get to know our neighbors well, but such proximity tends to make New Yorkers more private.  We've been here for over 7 years, and I'm still meeting long-time neighbors for the first time.  Different schedules in and out the building account for a lot of that.  And a recent mid-week use of the co-op laundromat introduced me to a whole new crowd.

I met our human neighbors at the other end of the hall soon after they moved in, but rarely saw them since.  Lola became acquainted with their then one cat because she runs out when we come in and inspects every door.  I imagined the neighbor's cat sniffing back when Lola was there.  

Last week, one of the humans rang our bell to ask if we knew a reliable cat-sitter because hers had backed out for the holiday weekend.  I immediately volunteered our services, and she was very relieved.  Through a  few brief elevator encounters, it somehow became clear that we are cat lovers.  

For two days, I visited Chloe and Pumpkin to provide food, play, scooping and affection - well, only Chloe on the last.  Pumpkin is apx 3-4 months old, and was a little skittish with me unless I had a toy on a long string.   Both are rescues, which always tug my heart-strings (and also told me they have good humans).  

Pumpkin on the left, Chloe on the right.  

On her return, our neighbor said the ladies seemed much more relaxed than usual after being "alone".    I'm pleased, but I think Lola and Mr. Beans were a little miffed at the "new cat smell" I brought home with me.

Chloe - in a familiar Lola-like pose.  So affectionate and sweet.  Within one day, she was climbing into my lap.  

Pumpkin - she was hard to photograph, but is a very lovely little gray girl.  She has those natural "sad-eyes", but I can tell she really is a feisty one.

I would like to introduce the ladies to our team, but I wouldn't do that without their humans' permission and presence.  


Dartford Warbler said...

A love of animals can be a great way to get to know people. Hopefully your neighbours might help you out with cat sitting in the future? Their two cats are lovely girls.

Today we collected a short haired tabby kitten from our local rescue centre. I imagine that she will grow up to look like Lola. I`ll try to post some photos of her in the next few days.

Carola Bartz said...

Beautiful cats (and what a great way to get to know the neighbors). I wish we could have a cat, but the Geek is highly allergic to animal hair and fur, so here goes my dream... Funny enough, all the neighborhood cats turn up in my yard!

Anonymous said...

Kate, you're breaking me heart! Those cats are ADORABLE! I was telling my kids today that we're going to the shelter right after New Year's to get us a kitty. (been seeing mice in my kitchen -- they may be "patio mice" -- so I'm looking for a killer as well as a sweetie.)

Kate on Clinton said...

DW and Anon - now I know you are you good people too! After the new year is a good time to go to a shelter because sadly many "presents" are given up. Unplanned pets are such a horrible "surprise" gift. Other cat-less neighbors on our floor have been complaining of mice-sightings too, but we've NEVER seen one. Lola & Mr. Beans are vigilant.
Carola - so sorry about the Geek's allergies, but nice that the neighborhood cats come to pay a visit!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Both are such pretty kitties! Your neighbor was lucky to have you as such a good caretaker, Kate!

I adopted my cay from a friend of my daughter. He was five years old and the girl's new boyfriend (who late became her husband) was allergic. I'd be lost without him now as we've had him six years. He's such a good cat and very lovable.

Pam said...

Now, we're always looking for catsitters... Edinburgh's not so far from New York, is it???

Marianne said...

How nice for their kitties to enjoy your company. We left for 2 weeks to Australia and our farm sitters (2 lovely college girls) couldn't for the life of them get our tortie Livvy to show herself. The food dish was empty every morning, so they knew she was still alive :)

We are also dog people, but I am and always will be a kitty person first.

Gerry said...

Neighborliness is a fine thing. Can't imagine managing the fur kids without the help of the whole village. Antrim County being somewhat more rural, I have one friend who rescues horses. Talk about pet-sitting challenges.

love those cupcakes said...

Oh, such gorgeous kitties. One of ours looks very like Chloe but she's nowhere near as friendly (or as slim!) as you've described your neighbour's cat (she avoids me like the plague and prefers the two boys here). Good to have neighbours you can call on. We rely on ours to feed our (pond) fish when we're away.

Anonymous said...

What charming feline neighbours you have! (and the humans don't sound too bad either :)

Vittle me this... said...

so cute! I wish I could have a cat!