Friday, December 17, 2010

I got punked... my own cat.

We finished decorating the tree yesterday, and after going to bed, I kept hearing plink plink plink. I had to get up 3-4 times to "tell" Lola to stop playing with the low lying tree ornaments.

This morning, I got up, laid my clothes out, took a shower, got dressed (in the dark so as not to wake Ronnie) and went off to the subway. While waiting for the 2nd train (thus having gone quite far with this), I notice something scratching me - felt like a stiff tag - in the back of my pants. After some subtle searching, I felt something odd and pulled one of the wards' favorite toys out of my pants. Yes, the "mouse" was hanging outside my pants below my coat - like a wire tail with a rodent at the end of it. Two ladies who saw this looked horrified until I stopped laughing long enough to hold it up and say "vindictive cat".

My "tail".

I know it was Lola and not Mr. Beans - he is not the prankster - that somehow worked it into my pants while I was taking a shower. The wire had come off the stick, and had a perfect circle to somehow hook onto an extra button near the inside waistband.

This is her - "uh huh, that was me, and there is more to come if you keep talking to me like you did" look.

Beansie, the innocent bystander, but no snitch.  He'd never rat out his sister.

I have to say, this laugh was an excellent way to start the day.

(all pics taken with iPhone - cropping these does them no good)

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Lars said...

That crazy but lovable little girl!

diane said...

THAT is the funniest story...but I understand it completely. Go wards!!!!!!!

Dartford Warbler said...

That is a cat with sense of humour!

rachel said...

How funny! I get mice in shoes occasionally, but none smuggled into my clothes!

Carola Bartz said...

OMG, I had to laugh out loud!!! What fun in the subway station!

love those cupcakes said...

Love it! Wish I could have seen the faces of your fellow passengers.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Evil ..... but perfect !!!

Lola , is the Grandmaster of Revenge .