Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some Brooklyn Details

Someday I'm going to learn how to edit in this Blogger!  I can't get the text or photos to go where I want.  I guess I really must learn HTML.

The ward was enjoying some sun but clearly told me to keep moving along...

This fanciful little guy reminds me of the characters in the great animated movie, "9". 

Every other avenue within a few blocks were for the carriage houses of the mansions.  A few interesting features remain.

We have a few hawks and falcons in the area that leave us the remnants of their prey.  One red-tailed falcon once landed on our air conditioner.  Beautiful to see so close up, but oh what a racket his/her claws made on the metal.  It left before I could get the camera.

Detail from an old apartment building.

This isn't on the north side, but the sun rarely shines through the massive trees along Lafayette in summer or the low angles of winter light. 

Just the sign remains - sadly, we have no great bread bakery in the area.


rachel said...

I can't do much in HTML, Kate, but once you've worked out the spaces between text and picture, it gets easier to manipulate.

Meantime, while you're drafting your post, if you place your cursor where you want your picture to go before you click on the image button, it should appear in the right place. Then you can click the alignment icons (or drag the picture) to position it left, right or central.

The rest is beyond me.... I wish I knew someone who could give me private lessons in Blogger!

Kate on Clinton said...

Thanks Rachel! This really should be easier, especially for such basics as moving photos and text.

Lorraina said...

Kate, you live in such a nice and interesting neighborhood. Does a ward mean a neighborhood? Sorry i cant help with html, i don't even know what it means. The poor little birds wings reminds me that i have one somewhere in my art supplies. I had found it and saved it to use in an altered book i was planning to be titled "Wings" At that time it was a popular theme because everybody had rubber stamps to make wings on people, cats, dogs, and words like "fly" and "soar" and quotes and whatever. I was planning to cut out a niche in the book for the bird wing. So many plans, so little time.

Kate on Clinton said...

Lorraine - "ward" means any pet. The term came from my husband's family. More than pets, not babies, so ward seems to fit. "What a ward!" is a common refrain in our apt.
Our neighborhood is interesting - lots of stories here. I'll be doing some focused posts on its history, the mansions, churches etc in the next week or so.

Susan Moorhead said...

That horse head is very cool. I love the details you track down - makes me miss Brooklyn.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Kate

Oh oh..that poor pigeon was a tasty meal! I've seen quite a few hawks lately ..including a giant one in Prospect Park which I believe could eat a small dog.

All your photos are wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing the mansions as I don't know the Clinton area well. I took a few continuing ed classes at St.
Joseph's and that is about it.

To answer your question: Not many dress elaborately for opera unless it is a gala event or a premier, and they sit in the orchestra seats or expensive box seats. Most dress business casual.

Family Circle seats are only $25 a seat for weeknight opera..NYC's best entertainment value!