Monday, December 7, 2009

More Wards

We adopted Lola and Mr. Beans when they were 3 months old from an ASPCA truck parked a few blocks from us on a hot August day in 2007.  They were Brooklyn street foundlings and the last of their litter.  She has a little scar on her eye and he was small and slightly pin-headed, but to us they were and still are perfect. She has the most beautiful caramel eyes, and he has grown into quite the big guy!  We went inside the truck and played with and held the cats for a few minutes, and then I asked Ronnie if he wanted to go have lunch and think about it.  Not a chance.  I think the ASPCA volunteer cried when I told her we were looking for two cats - she was so happy they wouldn't be split up!

First Day home:

And now!

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Susan said...

Beautiful, handsome, lucky and I'm sure very grateful tabbies. Much love from les Gang